Tuesday, October 16, 2012

UP: Russell's Grape Soda Bottlecap Pin

Fill that hole in your pin collection with a treasured hand-me-down as seen in Pixar's Up. This replica of Ellie's handmade bottlecap memento will make anyone an official Wilderness Explorer, just like Russell!

Additional Information:
  • Three-dimensional bottlecap and safety-pin replica (non functional)
  • Grape Soda logo screen art
  • Chrome finish
  • Mickey icon pin back
  • Inspired by Pixar's Up
  • Metal
  • 1 3/4" W

If you buy this BNL product from any link of the BUY N LARGE Blog, Shelby Forthright gets a little commission that helps him to get even richer than he already is.

This product is available at: